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released October 14, 2013

The Developers 1969

Vlado - vocals, bass on #2, keyboards on #3
Peter - guitars on #1 and #2

Session musicians

Kyle Cullen - drums on #2

Will Jones - drums on #3

Owen Gurry - guitar on #3


Sarah Halloway - editor

Valerie Mason - editor

Claire Cianek - editor

Peter Carter - audio editing on #1

Luke Garfield - audio editing on #1

Marc Reeves - audio editing on #2 and #3

Filip Pietrzykowski - mix reviewing

Mixed and produced by Vlado

Mastered by Nick Lewis

Cover designed and engineered by Vlado and Natalia Veretenyk

Original photo ("Country Road in the Fog Sepia Toned") by Giorgio Fochesato

All lyrics written by Vlado
All music written by Peter, except "Soothsayer" written by Vlado

Dedicated to the 3rd anniversary of the band's founding (September, 2010)

All tracks recorded at home, except 2nd guitar on #1, bass and vocals on #2 and vocals on #3 recorded at the office

"War" first played on YouTube on December 12, 2011
Written in August, 2011
Recorded from August to November, 2011

"Sea" first played on YouTube on February 23, 2013
Written in March, 2012
Recorded from March, 2012 to February, 2013

"Soothsayer" first played on YouTube on April 26, 2013
Written in July, 2011
Recorded from December, 2012 to April, 2013

Special thanks go to Wh1te, 4friendj and tigrelius for technical and equipment support, Vitaly for consulting, David and Julia for consulting, Sarah, Valerie, Lori and Sasha for support, Yana and Lusi for support



all rights reserved


The Developers 1969 Ukraine

The Developers 1969 is a rock band from Ukraine formed in 2010.

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Track Name: War
Grey of morning takes over night
I keep my way, but still feel the fright
Cold and wind, dirt and dust
No strength to go, but I must

Lonesome road for lonesome men
With no beginning, without an end
Sometimes time seems standing still
I'm just scared of changing scenes

Ruined church without a priest
The witness of war or the witness of peace
I see the shadows in the distance
'Tis a fierce beast in his nest

Am I a hero or a cheat
I still breathe, but start to bleed
I see my name on the grave
Is it someone's evil game

Am I sleeping or still awake
Forced to stop to take a break
I'm halfway to life, but I'm halfway to death
Halfway to freedom, but still in a mess
Track Name: Sea
Let me take you, babe
Where all the rivers fall
It's never twice the same
Oh really, I've been told

Our love's a history
Or is it really true?
When you are close to me
And I am close to you

Seagulls on the rocks
Remember when we met
Shadows in the docks
Revive the times we had

Let me take you, dear
Where all the rivers flow
Where our love is real
And lasts from long ago
Track Name: Soothsayer
From miles away
A vision came to me
No one hears my pray'r
Few need to foresee

Living for the false
Paying for the past
Closed within our walls
Believing all will last... last forever